We are glad that you stopped by our page.  We are humbled by your interest in finding out about this body of believers.  On no merit of our own we are a group of people who have received the great salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ by His love who have committed to come together as a church to glorify God for His tremendous goodness to us.

We seek to glorify His name as God who loved us so much to send His Son to be the substitute for our wrath due us.  For that reason we choose to worship, glorify and serve Him by loving Him and others.

We all have needs and problems and we have found that the Lord thru a relationship and His Word the Bible has given all of us everything we need for life and godliness.  He has a marvelous plan not only for the future but for right now.

The great part of God’s plan is that there is always room for one more.  We would love to invite you to come and see us but more importantly experience the God we serve.  We are a church who will love you and not judge you.  We all have flaws that we are asking our Lord to make right and we endeavor to lovingly help each other that way.

We try to use the preaching and the teaching of the Bible as the foundation of everything we do and attempt to become.  We attempt to teach it correctly but simply so that it is understood and practical for daily life.  We do not care who you are or where you came from or what you have experienced you are always welcome and loved here as we all take on the challenge of being like the Lord Jesus.

So, come on out and visit us.  You can always also call me personally for any question about the church or your life.  See you on Sunday!

Pastor Curt Gordon