December 13, 1959  –  The first organizational meeting took place at the home of Kenneth Free.  The name Faith Baptist Church was chosen.

December 20, 1959   –   A home worship service was held and the first slate of officers were elected.  The missionary fund was also established at the cost of $2.53 per month.  The first advertising of the church was to be started in the Telegraph.

February 21, 1960  –      The first baptism service was held at Calvary Baptist Church by Pastor James Godley.

March 13, 1960  – The first meeting with Pastor Shellenberger and his wife.  The church was actively looking to purchase land on Middle Ridge Road with a down payment of $500.

March 26, 1960  –   The church joined the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

March 27, 1960  –   The charter was finished and signed with a total of 27 members.

June 2, 1960  –   Times of Worship services and Sunday School were established by church vote.  Sunday School was at 9:45am with Church service at 11:00am.  The Evening Service was at 7:30pm.

June 30, 1960  –  The church makes a down payment on land owned by Mr. A. Cain that consists of 3 acres on Narrows Rd.
July 7, 1960  –  Rev. Shellenberger is called as the first Pastor of Faith Baptist Church.  A building fund was also established.

January 22, 1961  –  A Mortgage was signed for $55,000 with Lake County Federal Savings and Loan.

June 18, 1961  –  The first baptism service was held in the new building on Sunday night.

December 6, 1961  –  The first two missionaries were decided upon.  The Leornards in Brazil and the Vandergrounds in Africa.  The amount was $20 per month per couple.

May 9, 1962  –  A loan was secured with the Lake County Federal Savings and Loan for $15,000 to build a parsonage for the Pastor and his family.

April 20, 1966  –  Pioneer girls program came into being.

February 5, 1969  –  The first bus was purchased from Perry Church of God for $250.

September 10, 1969  –  The Boys Brigade began for further outreach into the community.

July 8, 1970  –  Plans for the new auditorium were drawn up.

October 14, 1978  –  The bus garage is built to accommodate the bus ministry by Paul Boyer.  The church also starts support of Eugene Protzman who is with Baptist Home Missions.

March 7, 1973  –   The church begins a radio ministry on WPVL which is aired on Sunday Mornings for $34 per week.

November 10, 1996  –  Church auditorium roof collapses under heavy snow storm.

February 22, 1998  –  Dedication service of new auditorium and church facility.